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Bog'Art Industrial

Bog'Art Company

Bog'Art is a privately-owned Romanian construction company established in 1991 with its headquarters in Bucharest. Since its inception as a pioneer in the Romanian market, Bog'Art's main activity in works of turn-key private, institutional and public projects have allowed the company to grow at a dynamic pace that has sustained its longstanding and well-reputed name among the most important brands in the industry.

Bog'Art group of firms takes pride in its modern management and highly professional technical personnel, using the newest technologies and efficient organizational systems to diversify its activities related to the construction domain that cover the entire range of ancillary services and products, such as: architecture and design services, production and delivery of concrete and prefabricated parts, steel-frame construction, curtain walls, exterior and interior joinery, as well as servicing and administration of delivered buildings.

Bog'Art can assure the greatest competence in fulfilling construction projects in Romania as well as internationally. The works executed by Bog'Art allow investors the surety of timely and professional completion and also promote a prestigious status of undergoing projects that become landmark sites for quality developments within the architectural landscape of city.